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Account Reconciliation

Simmons Bank's Account Reconciliation service reduces management and clerical time associated with the tiresome task of reconciling your corporate accounts. The service improves management and audit control of your accounts by providing concise and timely journals on check activity and historical information. Your company will realize increased speed of reconciliation and improved accuracy resulting from the reduction of manual reconciliation errors.

Account Reconciliation - provides your company paid check data in a readily usable format. A detailed register of checks paid by Simmons Bank is provided, from the date of your previous reconciliation through the report date. The register lists paid items in serial number order.

Positive Pay - is the most sophisticated of all account recon services. It is recognized as the leading defense against check fraud.

Additional Features
Reconciliation service offers numerous processing options such as fine sorting, special division subtotaling, CD-ROM or tape output, check truncation, and the accommodation of special cutoff periods.

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**Product and service availability subject to customer qualification and approval by Simmons Bank.