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Consolidated Banking

Managing separate bank accounts for multiple locations or various accounting purposes is challenging at best. Simmons Bank Consolidated Banking allows you to utilize one checking account for all of your locations that bank with Simmons Bank.  


The Way It Works


Deposit slips for your account will include the location number.  The location number will be published on  Simmons Bank Anywhere, online banking.  For convenience, deposits can be sorted by store number on Simmons Bank Anywhere, online banking.   Also, you may view images of deposit slips online making research on deposits quicker and easier.  



  • Fewer accounts to maintain.
  • Save banking service fees by reducing/eliminating accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Simmons Bank Anywhere allows you to view deposits sorted by location number.
  • Pools cash for improved funds usage.
  • Eliminates time spent monitoring and transferring account balances.
  • Simplies account reconciliation.
  • Special instructions, signature cards and contact information changes only have to be provided to one bank for one account. 


Click here to request more information on Simmons Bank Cash Management services.

**Product and service availability subject to customer qualification and approval by Simmons Bank.